Single shot rifle K5

The minimalist look and feel of the new K5 has been created by the Suhl gunsmith Franz Jäger and his tilt- ed-block system (1906). The design of the tilted block when manufactured is extremely short and locks tight, steel on steel, as always the case with Merkel. The K5 is a technical refinement of the single shot rifle, with a new line out of stock, through the action and barrel which improves the functionality, making it easy and fast to handle with a weight that begins at a mere 2.3kg /5.1lb.

Technical Data


Single-shot rifle / Single-lock mechanism with detachable Jaeger tilted block locking and manual cockingdetachable


Standard calibre: .223 Rem. / .243 Win. / 6,5x57R / .270 Win. / 7x57R / 7x65R / .308 Win. / .30-06 Spring. / 8x57IRS / 6,5 Creedmoor
Magnum calibre: 10,3x60R / .300 Win. Mag.


preset trigger weight 600g / position adjustable direct trigger


ca. 2,3 Kg


Overall length 92 cm (at 51 cm barrel length)


Standard barrel (Ø 17 mm) / i-Sight system / Muzzle thread M15x1
Optional: Fluted barrel / Spare barrels


Hogs back comb / Bavarian cheek piece with double fold / detachable sling swivels / pistol grip cap and fore-end made of rosewood wood
Woodclasses: from 4
Optional: Left handed stock / Lady-DS-stock / Custom stock making / adapter for bipod


black system casing / hand-made arabesque engraving / hand-made hunting motive engraving / individualised, hand-made engravings


prepared for Suhl tilt up mount
Optional: Suhl tilt up mount


HLX Suppressor / Zweibein / and a lot more