SxS Shotgun 60E / 65E / 61E

This functional Meisterstück is the collector’s piece among the shotguns. Special feature: sidelocks made in Suhl by Merkel combine precision engineering with the explosive power of the intricately made V-springs – gems of the gunmakers art. The pay-back with these steel-propelled masterpieces is minimum shot development times and the fascination of detachable, refined sidelocks. Wood and steel are masterfully combined to form the whole unit. The overall impression is enhanced by the hand rubbed oil finish, which adds an additional lustre to the stock.


Technical Data


SxS shotgun / detachable sidelocks with crank / Greener locking mechanism with double underlug locking


Shotgun calibre:
DF 60E / DF 65E: 12/76 / 20/76
DF 61E: 28/70 / .410
Chokes DF 60E / DF 65E / DF 61E: 1/2-1/1
Optional: other choke combinations possible


Double trigger / Optional: polished triggers


approx. 3,1 kg (at calibre 12) / approx. 2,8 kg (at calibre 20) / approx. 2,5 kg (at calibres .410 and 28/70)


Overall length 113 cm (Calibre 12, at 71 cm barrel length) / Overall length 110 cm (Calibre 20, at 68 cm barrel length)


Ejectors / Optional: Spare barrels


DF 60E: Pistol grip / with cheek piece / straight comb
DF 65E / DF 61E: English style stock
Optional: further stock variations possible / Custom stock making
Woodclasses: from 6


hand-made hunting motive engraving
Optional: individualised, hand-made engravings