SxS Shotgun 40E / 45E / 41E

The shotguns are perfectly balanced when swinging and have a comfortable recoil. Equipped with totally reliable Anson & Deeley locks.

The 40E is the basis Meisterstück of the side-by-side shotgun range. Light and elegant, it sets the standard in terms of responsiveness.

The 45E side-by-side shotgun combines Suhl quality and precision with English style – in the stock as well as in the metal surfaces. English stock finished with fine hand-cut checkering at the butt plate and monogram plate in silver. The steel action is grey nitrated – as are the trigger guard, locking lever and safety slide.

Technical Data


SxS shotgun / modified Anson & Deeley system / Greener locking mechanism with double underlug locking


Shotgun calibre:
DF 40E / DF 45E: 12/76 / 20/76
DF 41E: 28/70 / .410
Chokes DF 40E / DF 45E / DF 41E: 1/2-1/1
Optional: other choke combinations possible


Double trigger / Optional: Selective or non-selective single trigger


approx. 3,1 kg (at calibre 12) / approx. 2,8 kg (at calibre 20) / approx. 2,5 kg (at calibres .410 and 28/70)


Overall length 113 cm (Calibre 12, at 71 cm barrel length) / Overall length 110 cm (Calibre 20, at 68 cm barrel length)


Ejectors / Optional: Spare barrels


DF 40E: Pistol grip / with cheek piece / straight comb
DF 45E / DF 41E: English style stock
Optional: further stock variations possible / Custom stock making
Woodclasses: from 5


hand-made hunting motive engraving
Optional: individualised, hand-made engravings