O/U Combination gun B4

The B4 over-and-under combination rifle/shotgun combines precision with safety. Finely tuned triggers combined with a single box lock enable highprecision shooting. The single lock manual cocking system on the stock wrist allows the gun to be carried in a decocked status, and rapidly cocked when required. The rifle barrel adjustment under the forearm is a technical delicacy. The high-grade processing right up to the steel middle barrel rail is characteristic of the gun as a whole.

Technical data


O/U combination gun / Single-lock mechanism with Jaeger tilted block locking and manual cocking


Rifle calibre: .222 Rem. / .223 Rem. / .243 Win. / 6,5x55SE / 6,5x57R / 7x57R / 6,5x65R / .308 Win. / .30-06 Spring. / 8x57IRS / 9,3x74R
Shotgun calibre: 12/76 / 20/76
Chokes: 1/2 / incl. Steel shot proofing
Optional: other calibres upon request


Fine tuned double trigger / titanium nitrided (only in Black and Suhl edition)


approx. 3,1 kg


Overall length 102 cm (at 60 cm barrel length)


horizontally and vertically adjustable lower rifle barrel
Optional: Spare barrels


Hogs back comb / Bavarian cheek piece / Rubber butt plate
Optional: Left handed stock / Custom stock making / engraved pistol grip caps
Woodclasses: from 4


black system casing / Hunting motive / Jena / Weimar / Erfurt / Suhl


prepared for Suhl tilt up mount
Optional: Mounting basis Weaver rail / Suhl tilt up mount