Better a late calling – than never: Jennifer Reichelt and her K3

What differentiates man and woman when hunting? The answer to this question is often that women are hunting in a more self-controlled, cooler and often more disciplined way than their male colleagues. People who know Jennifer Reichelt can confirm this. The 39-year-old is no less of a hunter than any man – and sometimes she is even a step ahead of them.

In her youth, she was a vegetarian – out of love for animals. It needed a hunting terrier mix from the animal shelter to get her on track. The little one had an established hunting drive and infected his owner with it. Her rifle – a K3 single shot rifle as Stutzen, fits all the prejudices of female hunters. One shot is enough for the 39-year-old to take down even strong and resisting game – firing away is not her style.

She ordered the rifle with a Lady DS stock. This special stock is adjusted to female anatomy. The difference? “The butt stock is shorter, the pistol grip is steeper and has less volume, the butt plate is softer and has a different form, the stock comb is higher and straighter – than a stock for a “male fellow”. Jennifer Reichelt smiles, as she always mocks a little bit, when the gender difference in hunting is the topic. No wonder: In the woods and meadows, females are still outnumbered – but they are catching up. And they are in no way inferior to male hunters – without denying the femininity. No, the attractive brunette from Swabia, living in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, is truly no mannish woman. She openly confesses: It was the best decision in her life to get a hunting licence.

. 308 Win. is her calibre and the K3 is such a wonderfully light and handy rifle, that you could sometimes almost forget, that it is made for shooting. “I do not like to carry too much around with me; my equipment is, if possible, perfectly adjusted to the hunting task. ” The things she values about the light-weight single-shot rifle is the combination of a straight stock and the universal calibre – both together ensure a moderate recoil: “It is known, that light-weight rifles like to kick …” No, her K3 does not kick and looks, in the Stutzen version with the full length fore-end, like a real, beautiful and traditional hunting rifle. A good team and each carved from a special piece of wood: dog, Jenny – and the K3.

Jennifer Reichelt / Germany

The 39-year-old is a trained nurse, works a deputy manager in a home for assisted living and initially had no relation to hunting. Only her dog – a hunting terrier crossbreed – has awakened the passion in her. Her Merkel rifle: The single shot rifle K3 with Lady-DS-stock. 

How did you get to hunting?
Jennifer: In my youth, I renounced products form industrial farming and live das a vegetarian for almost 20 years. Then, a hunting-terrier-crossbreed from the local shelter came into my life. It soon became obvious, that this dog was not satisfied with going on walks and he rather needed an activity that suited his breed. Working with the dog and the first successes have moved me. It seems that he awakened something in me, which probably sleeps within most humans somewhere. Shortly after I got to know a foresters daughter, whom I told about my interest in working with a hunting dog and also my newly found interest in hunting. From then on, I was allowed to accompany her when she went hunting, learn more around the backgrounds of it and share wonderful experiences with her and her family. She encouraged me a lot and strengthened me as a woman to get my hunting licence. This is a decision, which I have not regretted for a single day.

What is your preferred type of hunting?
Jennifer: I love hunting from a high seat. The game comes calmly, I can take my time selecting the right animal and I can fire of a save shot. The stress for the animal is almost non-existent.

What and where do you enjoy hunting the most?
Jennifer: I will never get tired of hunting wild boar, as this game species always creates new challenges for hunters and is quickly to adapt.

Do you have a hunting dream?
Jennifer: Once Africa, always Africa … Whoever has been there, fells a constant pull back there. It is a fascinating continent and my dream is to return to South Africa once in my lifetime. To hunt warthogs and bushpig.

What is your favourite calibre?
Jennifer: 8×57 IRS – – for me it is the all-round-cartridge for the local game species like red deer, wild boar, roe deer and fallow deer.

Finally, what is your hunting guiding principle?
Jennifer: Whoever is a real hunter can be seen on special signs; he lowers his rifle at many an animal, even if he could reach it.

Single shot rifle K5

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