With the O/U combination gun in the „a little of everything“ area

Andreas „Andi“ Maurer has been hunting since childhood, always with his family: previously with his father and brothers – today with his wife, children and friends in the family owned hunting grounds. These are located in the natural reserve Swabian-Franconian forest.

In the deep woods the Maurers have a little hunting cabin which has been refitted for weekends and children with a lot of charm and a little comfort. Here, close to Schwäbisch Hall, the family manages a typical German “a little of everything” area. This influences his choice of his favourite tool – the over-and-under combination gun B3. Andreas Maurer: “This is a good compromise out of “always having the right equipment with you” and “light-weight and handy”. Next to hares and foxes, there is a lot of wild boar and roe deer. Also crow hunting is another alternative in this wonderful landscape. They are hunting on fields, meadows and in the woods: in the planes, but also in the blades, how the rugged grooves are called, which are cut into the Keuperberg land by rivers during floods. Andi Maurer: “Hunting here is still authentic. We are living in the middle of the hunting area, in the middle of nature and we can go hunting whenever we want. ”

Andreas Maurer / Germany

Andreas Maurer has grown up with nature and hunting always around him. In the meantime, hunting is part of the day-to-day work for the 34-year-old, as he is the Head of Sales for Merkel. His favourite rifle is the B3 combination gun.

How did you get to hunting?
Andreas: Via my family – my father and my brother are both hunters. In our family, hunting has always been an important topic.

What is your preferred type of hunting?
Andreas: Stalking. It is exciting, sometimes playful, a real challenge.

What and where do you enjoy hunting the most?
Andreas: I love diversity. Be it fox, roe deer, wild boar or hare – for me, every hunting experience and result counts.

Do you have a hunting dream?
Andreas: Alaska.

What is your favourite calibre?
Andreas: 8×57 IRS.

Finally, what is your hunting guiding principle?
Andreas: When in autumn the dogs are happily to hunting set, this finest melody, even in my final days, never shall I forget …

Over and under combination gun B3

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